Lesotho, the Kingdom in the Sky, is the only country in the world which is surrounded by a single country, South Africa. Encircled by the majestic Maluti and Drakensberg mountains, a rare opportunity exists to explore some of the most spectacular scenery and is a must for the adventurous traveller and offers clear mountain streams, pony trekking, trout fishing, remote mountain valleys and hiking in a country with no fences.

The people of Lesotho, the Basotho, are a nation that has solid traditions, beliefs and customs. Lesotho’s economy is based on diamonds exported all over the world, water sold to South Africa and the earnings of labourers employed in South African mines.  The Kingdom of Lesotho is a landlocked country in southern Africa, entirely surrounded by South Africa. Formerly Basutoland, it is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The capital of Lesotho is Maseru. No part of Lesotho is below 1000 metres and much of the land consists of high mountains that reach their peak at Thabana-Ntlenyana, at 3,841m the highest point of Southern Africa! This lowland strip is, in fact, part of the central plateau of southern Africa and the lowest point in Lesotho is above 1000 metres making it the country with the highest low point in the world!

Points of Interest

The Sani Pass is a spectacular mountain road is the gateway to the scenic ‘Roof of Africa’ route that links the dramatic scenery of the Drakensberg with the mountains of northern Lesotho and has become a highlight for tourists visiting the Southern Drakensberg.

Malealea is a spectacular region of mountains, valleys and ancient San paintings. Situated in a remote part of Western Lesotho, it consists of breathtaking beauty. Hiking and pony-trekking are the two best ways to see the scenery, experience traditional Basotho life and the friendliness of the local people.

Semonkong is situated in the heart of Lesotho and nestling on the banks of the Maletsunyane River. Meaning ‘the place of smoke’, it refers to the impressive 200m Maletsunyane falls which thunder down into a pool and create a smoky mist.


Winter is usually cold and dry while the summers are hot and wet. The climate is a mixture of temperate and sub-tropical influences, with surprising extremes of temperature. The best time to visit is between October and March.