Limpopo Province

South Africa’s northernmost province lies within the great curve of the Limpopo River. It is a region of contrasts, from bushveld to majestic mountains, indigenous forests, unspoilt wilderness and farmland.

The capital, Polokwane, provides access to various nature and wildlife viewing opportunities for eco-tourists.   Limpopo is the gateway to the rest of Africa, with its shared borders making it favourably situated for economic cooperation with other parts of southern Africa. Through the centre of the province runs the Great North Road which crosses into Zimbabwe at the border post of Beit Bridge.

Points of Interest

Limpopo is home to ancient lands and pre-historic secrets including Modjadji, the fabled Rain Queen; the Stone Age and Iron Age relics of Makapansgat Valley, and the treasures of Mapungubwe that date back to time immemorial.
To the east lies the magnificent Kruger National Park teeming with wildlife. In addition, there are 54 provincial reserves and several luxury private game reserves.


A summer rainfall region, the northern and eastern areas are subtropical with hot, humid summers and mist in the mountains. Winters are mild and mostly frost-free.