Vitamin Sea

Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

- Neale Donald Walsch

This quote is probably the very definition of my experience going on a Jet Boat for the first time in my life. Being quite an adrenaline junkie, I thought “what’s a jet boat ride compared to jumping off a bridge, swinging off the face of a cliff or diving with sharks?” Well, let me tell you, what started out as a calm cruise out of the Cape Town Harbor very quickly became the thrill of a lifetime.

Our tale begins when one of our consultants was walking around looking for any takers to go on a Jet Boat Educational courtesy of Waterfront Charters. Me being the adrenaline junkie that I am, I thought this was the perfect excursion for me. I mean, how could it be any different than the other water sports that I’ve done right? Boy was I wrong. This adventure exceeded my expectations a million times over! It was probably the wildest thing I have EVER experienced!

As we left the harbor, the skipper changed gears and soon the jet boat was at full throttle travelling 40 Knots (the nautical equivalent of 74 kilometers per hour). 74 kilometers per hour may not seem fast when you are in the comfort of your car, however when you are standing ‘jockey style’ on a 7 – 8 meter long Rigid Inflatable Boat with two 200 capacity engines jumping waves as high as a minibus, it makes for a super thrilling experience! Trying to contain your excitement and pure exhilaration is nearly as difficult as trying to stay balanced while the skipper makes a figure eight turn, cutting over the wake that the boat had just left behind. Don’t worry about trying to stay dry, you just need to let it go and enjoy the wind in your hair.  Doing this activity will leave you wet — no, soaked! The picture above with my hair stuck to my forehead says it all.


After the thrilling ride, the wonderful Meloncino hosted us for refreshments and snacks where we could mingle with the rest of the people who enjoyed the ride with us. By the way - Meloncino is certainly a must-do if you are looking to experience exceptional hospitality and amazing food. After lots of conversations and laughter, It was time to go home, and while we walked jelly-legged back to the car we were left reminiscing about the events of the day. Unfortunately, being out on the water at full speed does not allow for many images, but we tried to snap a pic whenever we could.

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