5 Sustainable Eateries in Cape Town


Sustainability can be defined as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their needs.” Across the world, more and more people have started placing emphasis on green living and giving back to the local community. We’ve compiled a list of 5 restaurants in Cape Town that have the same environmentally-sustaining mindset and are focusing on eco-friendly practices or supporting and giving back to the community. This list is not limited to the 5 restaurants mentioned below as there are fortunately many more restaurants that have changed their business practices and have started placing a focus on sustainability.


Massimo’s pizzeria in Hout Bay, Cape Town in all about paying it forward. They are involved in many charity and sustainable initiatives. For many of the dishes they sell, a small donation is made to one of the many local organisations and charities they support. Additionally, customers can buy a virtual slice of pizza, and for every 10 slices bought, Massimos will deliver a pizza to someone in need. Lastly, they are also very focused on reducing their impact on the environment and use recycled and biodegradable straws, takeaway boxes and bags as well as filter and bottle their water using glass - saving thousands of plastic bottles going to landfills.

el burro

El Burro – situated in Green Point and Tamboerskloof, Cape Town – is an authentic Mexican cuisine restaurant and tequila bar with a passion for creating a relaxed Mexican dining experience. They have started making great contributions to help the environment by using alternate energy sources and have implemented changes to reduce their electricity usage. To achieve this, they have applied 60% LED lights in all their restaurants.

Societi bistro

Societi Bistro, a quaint bistro in Gardens, Cape Town known not only for serving up good food but also as the local weekend hangout for Capetonians, has turned their focus more on the people side of sustainability. They refer to themselves as a neighbourhood “local”. This is very true as they are supporters of the local community. The produce used in everything prepared in the kitchen is organic, lessening contibutions to the greenhouse effect and global warming. Additionally, the produce used is sourced locally within Cape Town which gives Societi Bistro the opportunity to invest in the community .

brownies & downies

Another contributor to society with a passion to positively influence the lives of special people is Brownies & downieS. Brownies & downieS is an artisan lunchroom serving freshly-made foods and boasting decadent brownies with a unique twist to their service. In addition to being a restaurant, they are also a training centre for people with down syndrome. People with down syndrome and special needs work in the restaurant to allow them the opportunity to meet and interact with others in a safe and homey environment. Brownies & downieS is making a name for itself and has received several Empowerment Awards.

clarke’s bar and dining room

Clarke’s Bar and Dining Room, one of the Bree Street favourites, is a diner in Cape Town serving up fresh juices, all-day breakfasts, sandwiches, brunch, oysters, dinner and delicious cocktails. This crowd favourite works with Umthunzi Farming Community, a social enterprise with the mission to economically empower small-scale urban farmers in local townships. Umthunzi Farming Community sells harvest bags filled with seasonal, organic produce that is available at any local collection point. Clarke’s acts as a collection point for the harvest bags and also uses the produce from Umthunzi in their own restaurant. By supporting this farming community, Clarke’s is making it possible for Umthunzi to achieve their goal and support, empower and uplift small-scale farmers in Cape Town

It is our responsibility to take care of our country whether through taking care of the environment or taking care of our communities. It is imperative of us to start living sustainably and these restaurants are getting it right by turning their attention and efforts toward bright sustainable futures.

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