Thula Thula Private Game Reserve

Passion and love are two words that spring to mind at Thula Thula Private Game Reserve. This resonates through from their Managing Director, Francoise, to the staff in the way they speak not only of the reserve but also to the animals.

Each majestic animal that walks the 9000 hectares is known by name and they seem to know that the rangers are talking of them as they look up at the sound of their name. The up close views that you get to have with the elephants, giraffe and rhinos is something that I have personally never experienced. The rhino come to the vehicle for you to give them a good rub. The elephants are more than happy to wash the safari vehicle for you while getting in your face, literally. Watching elephants dominate the dam where the hippos were frolicking is comical. Watching the banter between father and son hippo reminds me of how similar our interactions are to these majestic animals.

The cuisine is typical French Cuisine, with staff being taught by Francoise herself over 18 years, and leaves you feeling that you have landed in the best of both worlds between France and South Africa.

Thula Thula is definitely a game reserve that is well worth visiting, even if just for the day