FOODIES: V&A Waterfront

The Greek Fisherman, City Grill Steakhouse and Meloncino are sister restaurants at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa that overlook the V&A Harbour and iconic Table Mountain. The view is the idyllic and classic Mother City picture that Capetonians love and, if we say so ourselves, draw their passion for life from. But the beloved mountain and sea are not the only wonders that Capetonians are enthusiastic about. The city and its people love food and great company. 

Cape Town has become a mecca for foodies, from your classic fine dining to your hipster hangouts.  Embracing all that is Cape Town and cuisine, these three sister restaurants have created the perfect concoction to enjoy a little bit of the world on our beautiful doorstep.

The Greek Fisherman is a lively, open and comfortable Mediterranean seafood restaurant located on a new elevated position. Sit down to mezze, souvlaki, fresh line fish, impressive seafood platters or your traditional moussaka and more. Get your ultimate health kick with incredible salads including the amazing quinoa salad. The restaurant often has live Greek music, and have had a few bouzouki events enjoyed by all.

City Grill Steakhouse is where you will experience true South African cuisine and hospitality. Imagine giant meat skewers, venison, perfectly prepared steaks and of course, keeping in touch with our Cape Malay heritage, babotie. Top that off with homemade Bar One ice cream and you will never look back. The restaurant is positioned on the ground level just below The Greek Fisherman and offers covered outdoor seating to enjoy the view in any weather.

Meloncino did not fail to pull out all the stops when preparing to open to the public; they imported Roman chefs to create the menu and train the staff. The menu will have you experiencing “order envy” only because you want to try everything. The stylish lounge-styled restaurant offers the equally impressive Cape Town view. The pizzas (you can’t forget the pizza!) are impeccable, served crispy from the wood-fired oven, with a gluten-free option.