Being in the tourism industry, I tend to travel with a critical eye. I am always thinking about the client experience with regards to accommodation, excursions, and transfers. This can get in the way of simply sitting down and enjoying a place or a view… Luckily, the dramatic Namibian landscapes force you to stop and take it in. I was overwhelmed by the sheer vastness and beauty of this country.

Our itinerary had us land in Windhoek, travel to Swakopmund, followed by a few nights in Sossusvlei.  Each of these areas offers something unique to various types of travellers. Windhoek is the business hub of the country and main point of entry. The capital city is well resourced for conferences and conducive for corporate travellers. Swakopmund is perfect for families, MICE and leisure travellers. This coastal town is within 30 minutes’ drive to Walvis Bay, which offers a multitude of activities including Marine Dolphin Cruises, 4x4 Sandwich Harbour Adventures and Quad biking.

The desert of Sossusvlei is home to the Big Daddy Dune, which is most probably the country’s most iconic landmark. It is simply breathtaking… to look at and to hike!

I will certainly be recommending Namibia as a bucket list destination to clients and friends.